What do you get out of this little quirk of ours? Most of our products are:

✓ GMO-free

✓ No added sugars or sugar free

✓ Are made from the best Austrian soy

✓ Contain high quality vegetable protein

✓ Lactose free

JOYA for any taste

JOYA Drinks

JOYA offers a wide range of delicious drinks based on soy, rice and oats! You can have it pure or in combination with different tasty and healthy ingredients: coconut, almond, cashew, chocolate, vanilla, etc. Chilled or ambient, you can use it for cooking, drinking, enjoying! Our products are versatile.

JOYA pleasure in a spoon

Assortment, pleasure and everything that JOYA stands for. Portion-size cups (200g) in varieties: natural, strawberry, apricot-peach and forest berries,  500g in organic quality: natural, natural semi-sweetened, vanilla, raspberry and natural with coconut.

Joya Greek Yogurt Alternative

Eagerly anticipated by fans of vegan yogurt, our new Joya Greek Natural and Joya Greek Strawberry are finally here. Greek inspired, but made exclusively from Austrian soybeans. Its wonderfully fresh flavor is perfectly complemented by a creamy, melt-in-the-mouth texture.

Joya Dessert Yogurt Alternative

Every spoonful is a delight: Joya dessert yogurt alternative Coconut combines the best of plant-based ingredients to be a truly delectable treat.  Exotic Coconut indulges yourself with this rich and creamy delight when you’re in the mood for a sweet snack.

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