People are the foundation of Hain Celestial Europe's success. In fact, people are so important that the primary job of each manager here is to help people be more effective in their jobs and to help them grow and develop at Hain Celestial Europe.

We have great people who want to do well, are capable of doing great things, and come to work fired up to achieve them. Great people flourish in an environment that liberates and amplifies their energy. Managers create this environment through support, respect and trust.

Support means giving people the tools, information, training and coaching they need to succeed. It means continuous effort to develop people's skills. Great managers help people excel and grow.

Respect means understanding people's unique career goals and being sensitive to their life choices. It means helping people achieve these career goals consistent with the needs of the company.

Trust means freeing people to do their jobs and to make decisions. It means knowing people want to do well and believing that they will.

We know we've succeeded in doing right when all our customers feel that they have benefited from their association with us.