Tilda began bringing basmati rice to the western world in the 1970’s. Over the years Tilda has established a legacy of dedication to quality in rice.

Tilda purity test every batch to ensure only Pure Basmati reaches you. Tilda Pure Basmati is naturally aged to ensure the full characteristics of basmati get the time to develop. Tilda removes broken grains that otherwise would release starch causing the rice to become sticky. When cooked, basmati releases a unique aroma. The grains are separate but fluffy and elongate to over twice their original length. This pursuit of authenticity is what makes Tilda an international renowned brand.

Tilda offer a range of dry rice products as well as 2 minute steamed basmati ready to heat recipe rice’s. Tilda steamed basmati recipes are all gluten free, made with natural ingredients, crafted to deliver a world of different cuisines and taste without compromise.


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